Types of boats and boats

25eyToday, many Russians are thinking about buying a boat or a boat. A rare man has never fished at least once in his life, and fishing from a boat is doubly interesting. And what a pleasure to walk on the water.

It’s great to take a motorboat away from the hustle and bustle of the city and ride with the wind!

What are the boats?

IMG 9190Motorboat is very maneuverable, easy-to-operate small size vessel, which is successfully used

  • fishermen
  • tourists,
  • athletes,
  • hunters and rescuers.

Boat types -

  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride),
  • wooden boats
  • aluminum,
  • fiberglass.

433183 The modern market offers a large selection of boats from different materials - traditional wood, metal, and relatively new "advanced" materials - PVC and fiberglass. Those wishing to buy a fiberglass boat every year everything is added. Why?

Fiberglass boats and boats have all the advantages of boats made of wood or metal, but are free from their disadvantages.

IMG 8712Fiberglass boat-

  1. does not spoil under the influence of water,
  2. does not rattle on the water
  3. does not sink, getting a hole, even if completely filled with water,
  4. Serves its owner "faithfully" over 10-15 years.

Therefore, comparing different types of boats, more than 70% of modern people make a decision: I will buy a fiberglass boat.

Why it is advantageous to order boats in the company "Fiberglass A"? -
Fiberglass boats from our company are comfortable and safe boats, the design of which is improved, and the appearance is quite presentable. On such a boat is nice to ride with the wind without fear for your life.

01Five the main advantages our boats:

Strength. Finnish laminated fiberglass, from which the boats are made, guaranteesim highest strength and reliability


02Do not drown. Thanks to the buoyancy blocks with which the boat is equipped, even with a large hole it does not sink. In addition, the boat maintains stability even with unevenly placed cargo on the sides.
03Ease, speed, no rattling. The boat "flies" through the water, without making any unpleasant noise. Thanks to the carefully developed hull shape and lightness, the plastic boats develop high speed
04Durability. The service life of all types of boats exceeds 10 and even 15 years. After all, the boat is made of a very durable and lightweight material - Finnish fiberglass with a large number of layers.
05Best price on the market. The owners of the boats "Neman" recognize: this boat is worth the money. The most powerful arguments are quality and price. Motor boats from the company "Fiberglass A" - this is an excellent ratio of these two parameters.

What are the boats "Neman"

34567Are you interested in what boats are like? (Photos on the site will allow you to get acquainted with each model) - we present to your attention the following models:
These are motor boats. Neman - 550, 500, 500p, 450 и Neman - 450 open.
Different types of boats (photos you can see on our website) differ in engine power, dimensions and additional options.
The most powerful boat has Neman 550 - up to 115 liters. forces It is also the largest boat - with a length of 5.4, with a width of 2.16 meters. There is an additional pleasant option - a folding dining table.

All boats (photos of different series will help you choose the most suitable option) are highly resistant. At the same time, the roll angle is less than the fill angle, if all passengers and cargo are placed one third of the width of the boat on any board.

Just a few words about the company and the products of "Fiberglass A"

433183LLC Fiberglass A has existed on the motorboat market for 35 years. The company has a well-established production base with areas of over 3,200 square meters and new equipment. Materials for boats come from Finland, partly from Russian enterprises. Thanks to the Finnish gelcoat coating, the outer layer of the motorboat is particularly durable. As a result of the joint efforts of designers and production workers of the motor boat, the Neman acquired modern appearance and comfort.

If you are looking for an inexpensive and high-quality motor boat - the Neman meets your requirements by 100%.

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