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13323gBoats and motolodki found a lot of fans around the world. The ease of management and maintenance, small size and comfort made the motolodki accessible to people.
But before you buy your own small boat, everyone wants to get an answer to the question: "How to choose the right boat?"

433183Types of boats
So, to answer the question: “Which boat to choose?”, We must first start from its purpose. Conventionally, boats are divided into three types - tourist, sport and super-power boat models, which can only be managed by true professionals.

; The best boat for fishing

123grty Most men love fishing, so more often than others ask the question: "Which boat to choose for fishing?". Fiberglass motorboat "Neman", which produces the company "Fiberglass A", have all the necessary qualities to become your reliable assistant for fishing and hunting.
Answering the question how to choose a boat for fishing, you should be guided by the following criteria: stability, comfort, reliability of the design. All these qualities have boats from fiberglass "Neman".

In what advantages motor boat "Neman" -


Versatility boats are great for fishing and tourism. You can use any of the models of the Neman boats in rivers and lakes, in reservoirs and coastal zones of the seas with a wave height of up to 0.75 meters.
02ResilienceIt is important that the boat is well kept afloat - the “Neman” boats have increased stability. They provide a smaller roll angle than the pouring angle when all passengers are placed on the same side.
03Floodabilityreliability, safety.To understand how to choose a boat, you should look for a reliable vessel that will ensure the safety of you and your passengers in the boat. Motor boats "Neman" do not sink. The special design of the boat and special buoyancy blocks ensure the ship’s unsinkability, even if the boat is completely flooded with water and there are four passengers in it at once.

433183Five stepshow to choose a boat or a boat
The answer to the question: "Which boat is better to choose?" Can be formulated as follows, putting it all on shelves:

  1. - determine the parameters of the vessel;
  2. - select the materials from which the boat is made;
  3. - pay attention to specifications;
  4. - take into account the functionality of the vessel;
  5. - rate comfort and design.

With the parameters of the vessel, everything is clear - the smaller the boat, the easier it is, more convenient for transportation (say, it will find a place even in a small car). Larger boats are more powerful and roomy.

Fiberglass - the best material for the boat!
As for the materials for the manufacture of the boat, here you are faced with the task of how to choose a boat - PVC, wood, aluminum, or maybe a fiberglass boat?

If we are talking about how to choose a PVC boat - an inflatable lightweight boat, the answers will be different. After all, these boats have their own specifics.
If we talk about materials such as wood, metal or fiberglass, in recent times, most people prefer modern technologies and materials.
So, boats "Neman", made of finnish fiberglass, provide the ship with maximum strength. In an accident, these boats do not sink.
And the price of fiberglass boats surely "hits" all competitors.
The service life of the Neman 550, 500, 500r, the Neman 450 and 450 open exceeds ten and even fifteen years.
The technical characteristics and functionality of fiberglass boats meet all modern requirements. The quality meets the requirements of GOST 19105-79 and technical conditions TU 5.16-375-76.
To be convinced of the external attractiveness of the boat - just look at the photos on our website.

So, you have already decided which boat to choose?

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